Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu: Give Us Dr. Tokunbo, Stop Imposition – Student Union Kicks


As rumors of imposition of candidate for the position of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu house of representatives in the African Democratic Congress continued to filter on the media, the students union in Ijumu has cautioned the party against taking the risk of selling its ticket to the highest bidder.

A statement issued separately by Ekinrin Adde students union and Ogidi students on Monday warned that ADC will suffer set back if the leaders of the party fail to consider those who have made sacrifices for the party in the coming primaries.

The student body wondered why the party was making arrangements to sell its ticket to those who have been in the opposition party since the return of democracy.

“We are fully aware of the manipulative movement currently going on to scuttle the chances of IJumu Arin in the forthcoming primaries of the ADC. As a student body, we vehemently refuse to accept that act of cheating which is tantamount to daylight robbery. In one voice, we stand together in readiness to defend Ijumu Arin in the interest of justice and fairness.

“Someone who has failed in another party should accept it in good faith and as an act of God, instead of trying to come in the way of another man with outright desperation and cruelty”

“It is highly unacceptable for the leaders of ADC in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu to think a man who lost a primary election in an opposition party, who has been a member of the said party since 1999, and who has contested under the party for the 3rd time, will come to ADC at dying minutes to use the party for his selfish interest.

“The party leaders need to understand that if such a man wins in the general election, he will take ADC mandate to his old party where he belongs”

“We stand with Dr. Tokunbo Alaga Olorundami who has been laying the structure of ADC in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu for the past years, and who benevolently donated 200k to IJumu Unity House and 500k to Okun Unity House.

“It will be to the downfall of ADC as a party that has worked so hard to stand in the midst of troubles if they allow the plan of God for Dr. Tokunbo Alaga Olorundami to be tampered with.

“We await a move to halt the rat race and maintain decorum in preparation for the forthcoming primaries in the coming days”

The statement noted that in order to prevent what happened in the 2019 election where the party sold its ticket to a PDP man and lost in the general election, the party must allow free and credible means of choosing her candidates for the various offices.