2023 Yagba Federal Constituency: Group Calls On Akure Stephen Toyosi To Join Race


Ahead of the 2023 Yagba house of representatives’ election, a students group, Yagba Students, Abu Zaria chapter has called on Mr. Akure Stephen Toyosi to throw his hat into the ring come 2023.

Mr. Stephen Toyosi, a young philanthropist is a native of Egbe town who has been actively involved in community development, human capital empowerment.

The US-based business mogul who distributed palliatives to the people across Yagba federal constituency during the covid-19 pandemic has been urged to bring his leadership expertise to bear on the political landscape of Yagba federal constituency.

Speaking with our reporter, comrade Femi Adeniyi, the president of Yagba Students, Abu Zaria chapter recounted how Mr. Stephen Toyosi has been a torchbearer to the people of the constituency.

Comrade Femi noted that such a man who despite living in the faraway United States still reaches out to his people at the grassroots deserves to occupy a significant political office where he can fully attract the dividends of democracy for his people.

He added that aside from the numerous scholarships the students across the constituency have enjoyed, the young philanthropist has not ceased to support the students with lifetime jobs.

“Akure Stephen Toyosi is a young man who has done a lot for his people. As a silent man, you may not have heard him on the media because he is not the media type but his people will never stop talking good of him because of what he has been doing for them. At a time like this, we need a credible man who knows the immediate needs of the people, and who can address them”

“If you look around our area here you’ll discover that our people have been tormented due to a lack of social amenities. In a place where there is no economic prosperity, nothing can work out. We need someone who has been exposed to the modern world to bring his experience home and change the narratives. I believe that we deserve better than what we are getting and we can get it right” he said.

Comrade Femi said that the students union under his leadership will not hesitate to purchase the nomination and expression of interest form for him because according to him, he is the only one who can listen to the youths, put smiles on the faces of the widows, empower the women, and respect the traditional institutions across Yagba Land.

“We are ready to purchase the nomination form and support you to ascend the position because we believe in your leadership style, we have tested you, and you’ve done well. This should be seen as a call to serve those who are yearning for good governance” he said.