Ekinrin-Adde Community Condemns Attack on Prof. Akinwunmi, Describes Him as an Easy-Going Man


The Ekinrin Adde Community Development Association (EACDA) has condemned the media attack on one of her illustrious sons, Prof. Olayemi Akinwunmi, the Vice Chancellor, Federal University Lokoja.

Akinwunmi who was recently accused of sexual harassment and serial drunkenness had been embattled by myriad of accusations upon resumption in office as the Vice Chancellor of Federal University, Lokoja.

In a statement through the National Publicity Secretary of Ekinrin Adde Community Development Association, Mr. Adekanye Adewale Victor described the attack as unfortunate.

He noted that ploy by the enemies o Prof. Olayemi Akinwunmi to oust him out of office will not work, because according to him the Vice Chancellor is an easy going man with huge social capital and respect.

He said “Our attention has been drawn to a negatively written article, by a faceless group and some self-seeking enemies of progress of our Kogi state and Nigeria about our son and “Omo Atata” award recipient, Professor Akinwumi, the current Vice-Chancellor of Federal University Lokoja”

“Although, we are aware that no matter how long falsehood seems to have started the race to destroy, the truth will catch up with it in just one day and override every damage done”

“We as a community in whose presence, Professor Akinwunmi grew up and rose to this enviable status can beat our chest confidently to vouch for his character and integrity. We state unequivocally that our son Akinwunmi is an easy-going man with huge social capital and respect from within and on the international scene”

“Professor Akinwunmi had in time past been entrusted with positions of honour and integrity by different international bodies, he was even trusted enough to handle students who were involved in international exchange programmes across board without any case of sexual harassment or mismanagement of funds. If he was not wanting then, he would not now start those characters he was alleged to have committed”

“Our son Professor Akinwunmi has peer groups and agemates all over our land in Ekinrin-Adde and environs who can attest to his calmness, receptiveness, humility, wide world view and generosity, he is known as a sociable person, who does not indulge himself in drinking alcoholic beverages let alone getting drunk as being insinuated by mischief-makers. He has never gotten drunk and won’t start now at the age and level he is now”

“Let us also bring it to the notice of this nay-sayer that Prof. is happily married with kids, he lives a quiet life and he abhors violence or any such acts that can be termed illegal”

“We want to use this medium to strongly warn those perpetrators of this wicked act to desist, we want to encourage those who are also eyeing the position of the VC of FUL to be patient enough for Prof Akinwunmi to finish his mandatory tenure maybe then, they could be considered”

“We want to place it on record that nothing negative or untoward must happen to our son and his family”