Success – By Babajide Obafemi


To attain a feat where people will refer to you as successful or use your success as a prayer point is not easy in life, regardless of where you come from, your background, the economic indices of your country etc.

As tough as it may seem, once you get to a point where you can be easily noticed and touted as a unique being billed for success, attaining or wrunging the ladder to a successful or enviable height becomes like a child’s play. But the higher you go, the lighter you become. Let’s put it this way, the farther, further and more successful you become, the more attractive your immaculate appearances become attractive to stains. You may agree with me that getting up to a successful or enviable height must have led you to step on some unusual toes, some nerves would have been frayed, feathers must have been ruffled.

If you ever work to become successful or by dint of divine proviso, find yourself being celebrated unjustly as a success, then you need to watch your back and put up continuous efforts at sustaining it, maybe I need to tell you this for free, vengeance doesn’t sleep especially for the unduly celebrated.

As much as it is difficult all over the world to achieve success because of the efforts involved, much more difficult is it, to manage success either justly or unjustly gotten. As a matter of fact, managing success requires daily efforts, managing success requires reminding one’s self how bad a crash from grace to grass will be, in my own clime, success is celebrated but the fall from grace to grass is much more celebrated because it comes with a louder bang and cannonade of memories with instances of the moments to have watched while the successful was climbing up. The downfall of a successful man becomes a reference point forever, it sometimes cast doubt on the integrity of just and committed men.

The moment the much-celebrated Abba Kyari displays his day to day activities on the blue street like a celebrity in show biz, I feared for him. Strutting your activities and showcasing yourself within a treacherous working environment will only lead to a crash, it was just a matter of time. A crime buster assuming the status of a celebrity cop doesn’t seat well with me, it doesn’t matter how you choose to see it.

Hobnobbing with cloudily-ostentatious pals, and showcasing same on the social media will only end somewhere like this; it’s like a Yoruba parlance that says “kogunkogunkogun, akogun sibikan”, a bata drums that sounds extremely loud and sonorous is about to burst. If the sound persists it will burst, I think the loud and sonorous sound of Kyari’s bata drum persisted, I am not sure if I can say it has burst, even if it has not, something close to it has happened.

Again, the Yoruba people will say ” ti iya nla ba gbeni sanle, kekeke asi maa gun”. If one is beaten to the ground by a huge disgrace, smaller ones climb and marches one down. From the yet to be unravelled Hushpuppy saga to the kidnap kingpin who said he was asked to confess at gunpoint and under duress and now to being enmeshed in the murky world of drug barons if the enemies of Abba has not gotten him in the jugular, then the destiny of those he might have wrongfully indicted, killed or wrongfully imprisoned are beginning to take vengeance.

Believe me, success is hard to manage and maintain, he who lives in a glass house should be wary of throwing stones, for those who shouted hallelujah yesterday will reinforce and bring on more hands to shout crucify him tomorrow.

On his way to the town of Ozu, waiting and playing bizabiza on the way because he wanted to kolu, Abba Kyari pokotuaatu and zaazu at the same time, now, it has zeh!

Beware of success and if you are already successful please put more effort to manage it. And don’t forget, vengeance never sleeps.