Re- Federal University Lokoja VC Accused of Sexual Scandal and Drunkenness


Okun Liberation Movement’s attention has been drawn to a badly written and hurriedly circulated illicit piece about the Vice-Chancellor of Federal University of Lokoja [FUL] Professor Akinwunmi accusing him of sexual harassment, mismanagement, and drunkenness.

Were it not for the enormity and weighty nature of these allegations, we would not ordinarily have responded to this plethora of lies from nay-sayers, knowing absolutely that it has become their character to indulge themselves in a pull him down syndrome, they have mastered perfectly the act of blackmail and will always show up whenever the tide is not to their favor.

While warning these enemies of our land to put a stop to this inglorious act of lying and blackmailing through a pseudo group or name, let us attempt to understand the piece and its badly written English and respond accordingly.

Okun Liberation Movement is surprised to read that the Vice-Chancellor of a glorious institution such as Federal University Lokoja, will stoop so low as to indulge himself with his friends in a hot romance with students of an institution he leads in an open place as described by the writer of the piece. Anyone who knows Professor Akinwunmi too well will know that since he has been given the mandate to lead the Federal University Lokoja, he has hardly had time for any social activities if he is not at his duty post holding meetings and getting involved in the institution’s engagements, he is on journeys aimed at raising the standard of the institution and placing her on the global stead. What time is then left for the VC to get involved in parties and hang out that could lead to such drunkenness and sexual harassment?

If these nitwits who have nothing meaningful to do with their lives and time other than engaging in concocting frivolous allegations and lies against constituted authorities are a bit calculative and brilliant in their act of lying, they would know that Professor Akinwunmi is well brought up under the great African system of parenting, he understands the proverbial wise saying that warns a man clothed in white robes never to come close to another who carries palm oil. If they are sincere with their claims, wouldn’t they have provided the names of the ladies involved or harassed? Wouldn’t they have mentioned the name of the so-called hotel where these sexual acts and drunkenness are being carried out all the time? Wouldn’t they have mentioned the names of those involved in these illicit acts and those who also witnessed these acts when they were being perpetrated, instead of writing a disjointed article and engaging in guesswork to drive home an allegation that is dead on arrival?

It is however so sad, that the misuse of social media and the access to cheap keypads does not allow the general public to have access to channels of the right information, it does not also allow bloggers and practitioners of these information mediums to practice the true tenet of journalism which has to do with investigation of allegation before publication. A right-thinking group would have investigated and know that were it not for the fact that Professor Akinwunmi is developmentally oriented, he wouldn’t have risen to the level of a DVC in Nasarawa Sate University where he recorded unmatched records and unequal achievements before being selected on merit for the position of the VC of the Federal University of Lokoja, never has Professor Akinwunmi had any tainted record of sexual abuse, drunkenness or misappropriation of funds in Nasarawa or anywhere he has worked before now, the records are there for sane and discerning minds to see.

Those who know the VC can attest to the fact that he only takes wine on a rare occasion, he doesn’t keep late nights except on duties about his job, he doesn’t take beer, he has never been drunk or caught drunk at any event, social, formal or informal gathering. Where these harbingers of bad news got their information about his drunkenness beats our imagination. Prof Akinwunmi is a workaholic, he appreciates and rewards hard work, he has always benefitted from merit so he favors merit at all times.

Okun Liberation Movement is surprised that these pushers of bad news refused to see the many positive leaps that the university has made during the short period that the VC has taken over the helms of affairs as the VC of the school. Are they blind to the fact that the VC had to move activities to the permanent site of the university campus, amidst security tension in the nation even when it is not yet convenient to do so? Do they notice how many developmental projects and how much quality development the Prof has drawn to the permanent site even with the meagre funds and resources that are available to the school? We seek to know, what their parameters for development are, especially regarding a young institution that is daily competing and moving up the ranks amongst those institutions that have long been established?

Okun Liberation Movement is shocked that these people could go as low as accusing the VC and school authority of bribing the NUC to move the ranking of the institution upward, we are yet to know what they stand to gain peddling these humongous lies. For the records, there are procedures that an institution is meant to go through, there are also indices that would be checked before an institution can be ranked higher. The NUC is a big and complex organization that cannot be bribed in the discharge of her duties, it saddens our hearts for a person or group to think that an institution could bribe an organization like the NUC with just a sum of 2.5 million nairas. If this negative propagandist knows or seeks proper information, they would be aware that a body that came from Spain was also involved in the touting and ranking of the school, we, therefore, wonder how 2.5 million nairas will be enough to bribe two huge and respectable organizations.

At this juncture, Okun Liberation Movement, dare these rumour mongers and blackmailers to come up with all or any evidence they have at their disposal to prove their fictitious allegations or face the full wrath of the law. We have, however, reported these blackmailers and their publication agent ‘Kogi State News’ to the law enforcement agencies for proper handling. We are also giving ‘Kogi State News’ 48 hours to recant and tender an unreserved apology in not less than ten online mediums with wide coverage and long millage or risk legal actions, failure to do so.

Okun Liberation Movement