Nigeria @61: We Are Stronger In Unity, Says Kilani


Member representing Ijumu constituency at Kogi State House of Assembly, Hon. Olusola Kilani Olumohas said that Nigerians are stronger together in unity and oneness.

Kilani, in his independence address disclosed that though the country is facing some challenges at the moment ranging from insecurity, monetary and commodity inflation and other sociopolitical and economic challenges, the country will come out stronger soon.

Kilani urged Nigerians to approach leadership issues with patriotism, stating that the efforts of the founding fathers of the country must be consolidated for the country to work for all irrespective of religion, political and ethic differences.

Kilani commended the resilience of Nigerians who have committed their energy, time and resources in the pursuit of a great Nigeria, stating that Nigeria will come out of her challenges stronger.

Lanre Obalaja
SLA to Hon Kilani Olumo