Kogi: EFCC Now Tool Of Oppression –Opposition Parties Tell Buhari, Hails Gov. Bello For Coming Out Clean


The National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Chief Ralph Nwosu has accused the Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC of witch hunting Nigerians with corruption cases.

The National Chairman made this known in a press conference jointly held by Allied Political Parties for Good Governance and Building Nigeria Legacy at Ikolo, Awka On Wednesday, titled: Politicizing War On Corruption Diminishing Our democracy And President Buhari’s Legacy.

Chief Nwosu said that the agency’s fond of intimidating politicians and indeed Nigerians will stain the integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari and his war against indiscipline.

“Gentlemen of the press, it is with mixed feelings that I welcome you all from all parts of Anambra State to this very important press conference at this point in time in the history of our dear country, Nigeria. Mixed feelings because I am troubled that institutions in the country are being heavily politicized and the values inherent in a democratic government getting more distant from us”

“INEC has slated the 2023 General Election to hold on Saturday 18th February 2023, while the Anambra Governorship election holds November 6th this year. At this time, President Muhammad Buhari should be concerned about the legacy of his 8years Presidency”

“Within the last few weeks, the media has been awash with political shenanigans of all sorts. Particularly in Anambra and Kogi states, it is worrisome how the EFCC is being used rightly or wrongly to intimidate politicians within and outside the ruling party by the henchmen of APC who are said to have President Buhari’s ear”


“Last week, the biggest topic in the news was the face-off between the Government of Kogi State and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The country woke up to the news that the EFCC had frozen a purported Kogi State salary bail-out account domiciled in Sterling Bank “over a N20bn loan meant to augment the salary payment and running cost of the state government” but kept in an interest-yielding account with the Bank”

“Devoid of politics, the supposed court order obtained by an agency that is meant to be a foremost law enforcement agency in Nigeria should be taken on the face value as authentic news, which needs no further questioning”

“But facts emanated from well-meaning Nigerians and institutions barely 24 hours after, in almost all newspapers and the electronic media that the EFCC might have acted on absolute falsehood. Sterling Bank for one said, “The Kogi State Government does not currently operate or maintain a fixed deposit account with Sterling Bank”

“Corruption investigation must be ethical and agencies must never make their work into a media war. Such media frenzy as led by EFCC and daily headlines portraying everyone in the country as corrupt does not leverage the investment climate, the country and our democracy”

Anambra must be APC state by Force.

“For us in Anambra State, this has justified our cry that the EFCC is being used to intimidate those not in the ruling party for reasons best known to them ahead of the forthcoming elections. Recently the leaders of APC have been bullying all opposition party leaders to defect to APC or face the EFCC. Many in PDP and APGA have succumbed. We hear that a lot more will be blackmailed to follow suit. But this “APC by force syndrome” cannot stand in Anambra state, and all the shenanigans will come to nothing. The people of Anambra will resist all APC or EFCC bully”

“EFCC and other agencies of government must learn to focus on their jobs and stay away from politicians; extricate themselves from politics and begin to function as preventive organizations. Brinkmanship is destructive of government establishments and institutions. A stich in time saves nine. Mr President and the Presidency should be concerned with the history Buhari leaves as he finishes his tenure”

“For the records, I have never met Governor Bello of Kogi state. As a human being, he may have his challenges considering the difficult Nigeria political terrain. But he has shown a capacity for inclusion and the recent world reports on his inclusive leadership and the boldness and transparency with which the state has confronted the recent EFCC perfidy should endear him to good men and women in APC”

“This is not a partisan address, we stand for National and democratic ethos. And I call on all public officers to let Nigeria be the great country we are meant to be” he said.