Re: Drop Your Presidential Ambition – APC Council Tells Yahaya Bello


A group under the auspices of North Central Coalition For Leadership (NCCL) has taken a sweep at a publication in the daily post credited the North Central Council of the APC , calling on GYB to drop his presidential ambitions based on a fictitious and none existing zoning formula.

The National Coordinator of the NCCL, Williams Charles while speaking from the head office of the group in Abuja challenged the North Central Council of the APC to produce the party’s constitution on zoning of the presidency.


Williams said, for equity fairness and justice, the North Central has been shortchanged when it comes to the presidency . “We have been assisting other zones to produce the president of the federal republic of Nigeria and we say enough is enough, it’s time to produce the president.

The Greek gift of zoning the APC party’s chairman to North central, so that GYB drops his presidential ambition for the south is not just selfish but ridiculous and we won’t accept it.

Yahaya Bello like every other Nigerian, irrespective of where he comes from has a right to contest for the presidential election.


We understand that the entrance of Gov. Yahaya Bello into the 2023 presidential contest has signaled hope to Nigerians thereby posing threats to some group of defeated people.

We want to say that we will no longer condone or entertain any destructive statements from anybody or group. We believe that caution will not be thrown to the wind further.