Coronavirus Is Not Killing Our People In Kogi – Smart Adeyemi


The senator representing Kogi west, Smart Adeyemi has said that coronavirus has yet to kill anyone from kogi state.

The senator, speaking to newsmen said he would be the first person to cry out for help if the Covid-19 had started killing his people.

“I don’t know the magic in Kogi State because the coronavirus is not killing our people. If it is leading to deaths in the state, I would be the first person to cry out and disagree with our governor but our people are not dying and they are not falling ill”

“I agree with our governor that there is no COVID-19 in Kogi State. If the disease is there, people would have been dying. It appears COVID-19 is afraid of the Kogi people. To a large extent, we are convinced that our governor knows what he is doing and saying.”

“We cannot be killing our people just to justify that the disease is real. We are not just saying yes to our governor but we are also saying yes to him because nobody has died of the disease” he said.