Echocho Speaks to Kogi East Delegates and Stakeholders

“This month’s primaries and the election proper in November are done deals for Governor Yahaya Bello. We cannot adequately reciprocate his kind gestures towards us as Igala people. Supporting him is not for his sake but for our own sakes considering our political future as a people.

“Under a fellow Igala man, I wasted hundreds of millions of Naira because I was convinced by another that he would support me to be Governor of Kogi State. Now they are gathering with their offsprings who they have been actually fighting for all along to take power. They don’t have the interest of any ordinary Igala man at heart. It is themselves they know.

“Under Governor Bello, it is as though the Igala are still in power. The same thing other parts of the state because the Governor has given everyone a sense of belonging.

“Youth of Kogi are now part of decision making process across all sectors. In the old order, some of them would not even be considered for the post of Personal Assistants until they lobby and do all manner of things. But under Governor Bello, as though he had seen my blueprint while I was running for Governor, he is giving responsibilities to the youth rather than being subservient, they are now critical stakeholders in the project of making Kogi State great.

“So I say to the youth of Kogi State, especially our youth and the delegates from Kogi East, it would be a political suicide to allow some selfish individuals to browbeat us into throwing away this opportunity that God has presented us under Governor Yahaya Bello.

“Truth is we’ll be shooting ourselves in the foot – you the youth especially, because if you lose this by allowing those individuals that have put us in shackles to return, then it is a direct message to the Almighty that you want Him to take away the chance he has given you on a platter to hone your potential into a leadership force.”

Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho to Kogi East APC Delegates and stakeholders today Tuesday August 13th, 2019 in Anyigba.