Edward Onoja Replies Critic; Change has come to Igalaland and it is paining oppressors



Firstly, the fact that you did not have the guts to own your own words and say what you wrote to my face does not mean that you are unknown. I just decided that you are not worthy of acknowledgment. It is confirmed that you are one of those cowards who gained from the misgovernance of the past by PDP rulers. You are pained by the ouster of your masters from power. Your pain has turned to torture since Governor Bello came to office and massively empowered many unknown youths across Kogi State, mainly in Igalaland. Power has changed hand and you cannot bear the new equations of relevance written by GYB. Well, you cannot do anything about it again. Even when His Excellency completes his Divinely given Leadership Assignment, an assignment which does not require your input and which your evil wish cannot affect, and leaves office, the rule of your wicked masters is forever broken in our land. Hallelujah!

Secondly, I do not need to ask my beloved mother to prove fidelity to her marital vows in order to know that I am my father’s son. Her virtues of wifehood and pride of motherhood are impeccable. On the other hand, if you feel like the son of a thousand fathers, feel free to make necessary inquiries from yours, she’s the only person who can tell you for sure.

Thirdly, Change has come to Igalaland and it is paining oppressors and their lackeys like you. Madness has possessed you and the few like you in the last 3½ years so you now resort to political terrorism, spreading lies through social media for a living. You try to turn Igala against Igala, Igala against Ebira, Igala against Okun and others and all of them against each other. But Kogi is greater than all of your schemings. As for you, just like the terrorist who killed 50 persons in New Zealand this week, you and your sponsors will also fail to ignite the flames of bigotry in our land. Like Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister, I too shall not give you the recognition and fame you so desperately seek by naming you here.

Fourthly, You have spent the last three and a half years doing nothing but ethnic profiling of the GYB administration and you have failed at every turn. This your new attempt to create divisions through ethnic profiling will fail again. It doesn’t matter what colour the chameleon transforms into, it cannot change its nature and neither can you –

~ You did not condemn your evil masters who conducted last minute recruitment of thousands into the Civil Service in 2015 while owing existing workers 5-6 months of salaries. It is GYB who said things should not be done that way that you continue to attack.
~ You have not condemned those who robbed our state for years by filling our civil service with ghostworkers and people with fake certificates. Over the years billions in our public funds went into their pockets as ‘salaries’ through their wives and children and cronies like you. It is GYB who conducted staff screening and flushed them out that you attack.
~ You have not condemned those who left Igalaland, including their own villages, with the worst infrastructure in the whole state despite holding power for years as Governors, legislators, appointees and party chieftains at federal and state levels. They left us with no roads, electricity, portable water and other utilities. It is GYB who is changing our lamentations of chronic underdevelopment as much as funds and time will allow him that you are attacking every day on the basis of tribe. If your masters showed the kind of heart I have personally shown for my land and people and brought the type of infrastructure I have through the good graces of my boss, Igalaland would have been far better today.
~ There was a flood in 2012 and Kogi State became known globally for the suffering her people went through because of poor government response and stealing from the IDPs by those you serve. We have had two of such floods since GYB came to office and our people were treated with dignity and honesty. The Governor got the President to declare a state of natural disaster and got us the enhanced emergency response we needed. Funds and Relief materials went directly to the beneficiaries and nobody made a caricature of Kogi. Just barely 72hours ago the FEC approved funds to help provide further succor for our people who where affected by flood and rest assured from Ibaji- Idah- Ofu- Bassa- Ajaokuta- Koto- Lokoja will not be left out of it. That’s APC Government for you. The one your type and those unrepentant oppressors of our people asked us to reject and embrace a known thief. An advice the good people of Kogi East rejected and spewed back into your faces with their votes.

Yet you are trying to make it a tribal matter. Shame on you.
~ You were happy to be part of the PDP rigging machine which shed rivers of blood through thuggery, robbery, kidnappings and rituals in our land for years. Your masters raised armies of killers and they made life hell for our people all over the state but you said nothing and you enjoyed the benefits. Now you have suddenly found your voice. Yes, there were regrettable incidents during the 2019 elections but nowhere near the mayhem of the past. Moreover, for the first time, an administration is proving that political violence does not pay.

Fifthly and finally, You cannot threaten anybody with November gubernatorial elections in Kogi State. Like the same elections in 2015, the outcomes are in the Hands of God and the votes of the people. ‘Enemuneme’ is only a threat to you because you lack the Igala ethos of good reward for good work. Me, you and our respective bosses, let each man’s work speak for him. The populace are beginning to see those who think they can deceive them with tribe and religion. Between me and you, let our people decide who is the vagabond or bastard Igala. I am sure the last elections showed you and your masters that you can no longer rob the people without any tribal love or fear of God and still deceive them to support you on top. Look around you, things and times are already changing. The ungodly lengths you have gone to divide our people are already becoming clear to them. You are hiding your name today to make this kind of posts against GYB and his appointees like me but I assure you that soon your name will ring out for infamy throughout the country and you will know rejection by the people. Be rest assured, you are running from your own shadow because your sins have already found you out.

I remain

Chief Edward Onoja Unekwu-Ojo David.
Oma-Oga Odidoko-Emonyoku In OGUGU Kingdom.

Chief Of Staff to Kogi State Government.