No Holiday For Edward Onoja


By Umar Ghaddafi Lokoja

Politics they say is local. While Onoja chooses his constituency as his holiday resort, speaking to the electorates, many other politicians are gallivanting around Abuja and other exotic holiday resort in other parts of Nigeria.

Nigeria politics today is such that expectations supersedes preparation. Reasons why politicians like cutting corners to win elections, instead of campaigning. How does a student who has not studied and burnt the midnight candle expect to come out in flying colours or for miracle to happen? Preparation must exceed expectations and that is what this Ogugu born politician, who is the Chief of staff to the Kogi State governor and the Director General, APC campaign council had imbibed and without doubt would deliver is zone.

During the holiday, Edward Onoja played hosts to many grassroot groups, while moving from one community to the other, and from Ward to do Ward, propagating the gospel of change to the people. In one of his numerous outings, he assured the people who work for the party of commensurate reward. Gone are the days where “monkey works and baboons chop” Onoja said.

Tireless Onoja encouraged all groups and every gatherings he addressed to come out and vote massively during the February presidential elections, which is clearly between President Mohammadu Buhari of the APC and Atiku Abubakar of the PDP, which he likened to battle between light and darkness, and which light must prevail. He state that President Mohammadu Buhari’s policies has been about the people. His track records has been people oriented, such as NPower, Market and Trader Money scheme, infrastructural development and massive agricultural development programs.

He urged the people to vote massively for President Mohammadu Buhari come February for continuity, so he can consolidate on the wonderful projects and policies he has started.