Kingsley Fanwo’s position on call for the disqualification of Sen. Smart Adeyemi from Kogi West APC Senatorial Contest

Kingsley Fanwo’s position on call for the disqualification of Sen. Smart Adeyemi from Kogi West APC Senatorial Contest; A Confirmation of Government’s meddlesome Biase in Primaries.

Our attention has been drawn to the comments made by the DG, Media and Strategy to Gov. Yahaya Bello on our call for the disqualification of Sen Smart Adeyemi from Kogi West Senatorial contest by the National leadership of our great party, APC and wish to reiterate that call.

What we have insisted on is a level playing ground for all aspirants in the contest for a credible candidate to emerge that will be a true reflection of the wishes of majority of party members.

Unfortunately, what we have seen is a brazen display of impunity in the quest to impose Sen. Smart Adeyemi on the people of Kogi West.

Where is the impartiality in a situation where Kogi State APC party Chairman accompanied by other Kogi State government functionaries purchased the nomination form for the primary and delivered to Sen. Smart Adeyemi?

Was Kingsley Fanwo on holiday in another planet when Hon. Ropo Asala with others briefed stakeholders in Lugard House, Lokoja that the Governor has endorsed Sen. Smart Adeyemi with the directive that other persons must fall in line?

Is Kingsley Fanwo feigning ignorance of all the harassments, intimidations and coercions by the local government administrators in Kogi West to whip party members in line, just to actualize the undemocratic disposition of persons and groups who are obviously working according to government directives?

It is amusing that Kingsley Fanwo is echoing the same warped argument of Senate Presidency that was put up in 2015 which ended in failure.

One wonders if, Kingsley Fanwo is speaking in his individual capacity or as the Governor’s mouthpiece?

For someone who claim to be an Evangelist to be the purveyor of blatant falsehood is a sad reflection of what the society has become.

When the National Chairman of our great party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole warned against endorsements and imposition, he was unequivocal about it but from all we have seen so far, Kogi State APC leadership on the instruction of the state government is ignoring same and could not be bothered.

We expect Kingsley Fanwo who has taken a position in the campaign organization of Sen. Smart Adeyemi to address the plethora of infractions we raised and stop chasing shadows. We don’t expect him to do anything to the contrary but saying we are faceless is an indication of lack of justification for the impunity in the process.

Is it unreasonable to demand for a free, fair, transparent and credible primary involving several aspirants?

For persons with despotic tendencies who cannot differentiate between appointment and election, our demand for a level playing ground for all aspirants will be seen and tagged anything.

Proper investigation will confirm or put a lie to our position.

Lest Kingsley Fanwo forget, election is coming up in early 2019 and intentionally fielding a candidate just to massage the ego of one person and satiate the ambition of another is a recipe for trouncing in the general elections. Political naivety will obviously not permit those bent on imposition to understand this reality when the sane thing to do is to ensure a credible primary that will be acceptable not only to losers in the contest but majority of the people.


Hon. Dayo Aiyeku

For: Kogi West APC Vanguard