Sequel to an earlier letter we wrote to the National Chairman of our great party, All Progressives Congress (APC) of the looming crisis in the party if the despotic activities of Gov. Yahaya Bello are not curtailed, we are constrained to again bring to the notice of the general public especially, West Kogites that the situation has worsened.

After the open endorsement of Sen.Smart Adeyemi by Gov. Yahaya Bello, we protested his undemocratic attempt to impose a candidate on us because it is against the existing rotation arrangement in Kogi West for the Senatorial seat which the same person being foisted on us now, disrupted with his third term ambition in 2015. Though he lost the election then as a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), his futile bid created a lot of confusion that is still with us.

We requested for a level playing ground for all aspirants but Gov. Yahaya Bello is bent on actualizing an agenda that is not in the interest of our great party.

To confirm Gov. Yahaya Bello’s arrogant insistence on seeing his plot through:
The congress of the party that produced the delegates to vote in the primaries were fundamentally flawed and compromised because names were just written and compiled by political appointees and later affirmed. This testifies to the fact that the sinister plot to compromise the system was hatched a long time ago. There were no real congresses held throughout Kogi State in the real sense of the word. This is why Gov. Yahaya Bello is hell bent on indirect primaries while we insist on direct primaries.

Kogi State APC Chairman, accompanied by all party Chairmen of the seven local government areas in Kogi West, Kogi State Assembly Speaker, State Security Adviser among others, purchased the nomination form and expression of intent which they delivered to Sen. Smart Adeyemi at his Maitama, Abuja residence. In flagrant violation of party guidelines, the form was submitted on Monday, 17th September, 2018 when submission closed officially on Wednesday, 12th September, 2018.
Printing of fake ballot papers have been contracted to a firm by Gov. Yahaya Bello for the primaries.

Arrangements have been concluded with some National Party officials to divert authentic ballot papers to Kogi State Government House with the intention to manipulate the process.

Kogi state government officials have been mobilized with state resources to collect all the tags of delegates and through monetary inducement confer unfair advantage on the anointed candidate of the Governor, Sen. Smart Adeyemi. We reliably gathered that Alh. Ibrahim Adoga; Gov. Yahaya Bello’s Special Adviser on Multilateral, Donor Agencies and Special Projects has been tasked to handle Lokoja/Koto Federal Constituency in the assignment.

Promises of motorcycles to delegates who comply have been added as bait.
Government also purchased forms for some aspirants in Yagba Federal Constituency to break their ranks in a mischievous divide and rule tactics.
Local government administrators, political appointees and other legislators in Kogi West have been instructed to deliver in their areas or risk being given the boot or sanctioned as may be applicable.

It is curious to see the length Gov. Yahaya Bello is going to impose an aspirant who after eight years as Senator on the platform of PDP was rejected at the polls by the people in 2015.

Coercion, intimidation and harassment is now the order of the day, all in a desperate bid to manipulate the process to skew the primary in favor of a particular aspirant.

Conduct of direct primaries as this will level the present undulating playing ground contrived by Gov. Yahaya Bello.
Deployment of persons of proven integrity to conduct the party primaries in Kogi West.
Utilization of numbered ballot papers with other security features to expose and render unusable the already printed fake ballot papers meant to be used.

What should be paramount to every party faithful is victory for the party in the general elections and not the satiation of the ambition of certain individuals.
But if a free, fair, transparent and credible primary election is not conducted, the outcome will not be accepted by other aspirants and party faithfuls whose collective will have been subverted.
Massive defections will follow with dire consequences for our great party. It is a fact that, when people lose in a fair contest the bitterness is minimal but if the loss is as a result of manipulation, the fallout crisis can be consuming. The unfortunate reality is that, the despotic disposition of Gov. Yahaya Bello iis not restricted to Kogi West as it is replicated in the other two senatorial districts in the state.
Urgent decisive steps must be taken by the party leadership to address these issues we have raised to avoid a looming electoral misfortune.

God bless our great party, All Progressives Congress!
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Comrade Ayo Alonge