Who Should Be President Of Nigeria – Ademola Adigun


A president need not be the smartest in the land. Nor the most trendy. Nor the most loquacious. He/she does not need to be a master orator. Nor an economist. Nor a banker.

A President needs to be a leader. A fair person. A just person. A person that puts national interest above personal interest/sectional interest. A person that constantly sees the big picture. A person that can interact at all levels. A person understanding equity and justice.

A person comfortable around diverse entities. He/she must not be a religious or tribal bigot. Nor an ethnic irredentist.

A person capable of communicating his/her agenda directly. A person capable of galvanising trust. A person that will select the most capable from the talents available with consideration for the peculiarity of the Nigerian State.

One that the “body language” engenders a sense of belonging to all tribes in the country matched with policies and infrastructural deployment.

It’s not complicated. There are many that should step out. And there are many that have stepped out.

There are options. And we can decide to stay in bondage. The economy responds to the choices we make. As does our safety. As does all that really matters.