Objective Brooding: On Lawal Daura’s Sack


When you share those stories about the former head of DSS, you are actually indicting the President. What you are saying or confirming, is that , he is not in charge of his government. You tell us that the DSS was under a mole.

And for three years the government did not know. Then in the same breath, you ask us to entrust him with 4 more years? Does that sound logical to you?

Does it sound like an idea that makes sense to put a man that you defended of nepotism on the basis of trust, that is unable to appoint loyalist from a narrow circle?

You need not make things worse for your principal. Before you put forth a thought, spend time looking at the various possible interpretations.

If tomorrow Abba Kyari errs, what are you planning to write? If you say his strong point is security and integrity, your statements paint a different picture.

You are not doing a good job!