Greed, A Major Factor Militating Against Development In Nigeria


By Omeiza Naimah.

Greed is one of the major banes ravaging our society today and hampering development in all spheres. Greed can be seen as one’s inordinate desire or the desperation to amass wealth increasingly even at the expense of others. Despite the unimaginable pains and peril that greed can inflict, it has become a highly revered and acceptable norm in the country.

Greed emerged in Nigeria as a result of the respect accorded to the wealthy members, as well as the plight of contempt and low self esteem the poor are constantly fraught with in the society,hence, making the attainment of riches and power utmost priorities.

The social mishap ‘Greed’ has taken a heavy toll on the nation as it has resulted in stunted economic growth and development.

Politicians seek power out of pure greed and selfish ends and they are not motivated by the will to move the country to a greater height. It’s side-splitting and pathetic how these political leaders are constantly in a hurry to jettison the very meaning of Humanitarian service in a bid to enslave their self to their unquenchable and ardent greedy desires,forgetting how they fingered the minds of the electorates with their utopian manifestos.

Consequently, funds meant for the public are diverted by government functionaries into their coffers, thereby enriching themselves and further impoverishing the groaning masses.

In addition, there is prevailing upsurge in crime incidence in the country on account of greed, making the Machiavellian assertion of ” the end justifies the means” as a reference point.

The cases of armed robbery, kidnapping , murder, ritual-killings, e.t.c are rife and they seem to be growing out of all proportions. All these social vices plaguing the society are gradually rendering it to the brink of oblivion.

Indeed,no thanks to the manner in which greed has invited and warmly hosted corruption,malversation and all forms of immoralities as against incorruption and modesty into the Nigerians’ terrain,leaving its architect at the mercy of posterity.
Conclusively, Nigeria can only get better if greed can be betrayed.

NAIMAH writes from Kogi State.