Emmanuel Obadunmi, needs excursion to Lagos and probing

By, Salami Banjo.

The Chairman Table Shakers Association of Nigeria (TSAN) Salami Banjo, has called for the immediate probe of Pastor Emmanuel Obadunmi;  SSA on Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), to Kogi State.

Since appointed into office, the SSA who is also a Pastor has misused his office and demonstrated acts of neglect of duty.

Kogi State is well endowed with natural resources and thus, should be one of the richest States in the country. Administrations in the past, have failed in this regard and refused to actualize the potentials buried in the State. The administration of Governor Yahaya Bello almost got it right: as the New Direction government diverted focus into enhanced generation of internal revenue, in the state.

Unfortunately, the greatest mistake made, was appointing an inexperienced person without capacity to drive this good initiative. Pastor Obadunmi on countless occasions have demonstrated the highest level of duty negligence, by abandoning his office and relocating to his L.G.A. to serve as unofficial aide to Hon. Taufiq Isah, the incumbent Ijumu Administrator, all in a bid to harvest cheap political favours.

Pastor Obadunmi can be
described as a political turncoat that has been linked with lots of politicians, both from the ruling party and the opposition. He was an adamant supporter of Senator Dino Melaye, a formal devoted follower of Senator Smart Adeyemi, before dumping him for his rival, Mrs Doyin, who is also seeking for the same ticket as Sen. Smart Adeyemi.

Pastor Obadunmi, as a political player is noted for jumping from one political leader to another and in the process, became an appointee, who got lucky to have his name on the payroll, for doing nothing.

TSAN stands against any act of negligence and inappropriate precedence. We believe in good governance and proper representation of the good people of Kogi State.
Having acknowledged the good work of Governor Yahaya Bello, in terms of IGR, we strongly urge him to flush out every parasite in his cabinet; for effective service delivery. Pastor Obadunmi should be in a church and do what he does best, instead of been a figurehead; occupying a very sensitive position with little or no productivity.

TSAN shall continue to speak for the common masses and we shall not relent in fighting all the bag eggs in this administration. Obadunmi should either resign or be properly probed. The good people of Kogi State deserve to be served better. We also recommend an alternative, that Pastor Obadunmi should be sent on an excursion to Lagos, for him to learn more, on how to make best use of his office for the good of the state.