Re:2019, Open Letter to Gov Yahaya Bello On Who To Represent Kogi West In Senate ; A Jaundiced Expression of Sycophantic Myopia

I am constrained to react to the above sub captioned article above written by a self-styled senior advocate of new direction government and critical stakeholder from Okunland, Mr Kamaldeen Toyin to set records straight.

I will for sake of decorum reserve my comments on the author and focus more on the attempt to hoodwink the addressee to believe the rotation arrangement in Kogi West is a ruse. I also see a veiled effort to confer unfair and undue advantage on a particular individual; Sen. Smart Adeyemi. The author despite his incoherence is obviously trying to fly a kite on a windless day.

To say the rotation of elective political offices in Kogi West is ill-fated and not deep rooted is the stuff falsehood is carved from.

The rotation arrangement permeates the political and traditional leadership spectrum in Kogi West and it has been largely responsible for the rancor free succession to Chieftaincy stools and elective offices in the zone until narcissism, greed and inordinate ambition of certain individuals is trying to change it.

A perusal of the list of Senators in Kogi West from the Second Republic as ‘sequenced’ by the author has exposed the mischief in the writeup because it narrated an orderly rotation of elected political offices among the component zones of Kogi West contrary to what he will want us to believe.

The true reflection of integrity in any individual is the ability to honour agreements either written or just a mutual understanding. Sadly, those who have immensely benefited from the arrangement are trying to change the narrative with the intent of truncating it to suit their present political circumstances. 

The collective aspiration of West Kogites is superior to any individual’s political adventure and no amount of washing can make a rotten political meat edible. The reasonable course of action is to trash it.

Is the open letter meant to cajole the Governor to skew the political contest for Kogi West Senatorial seat in favor of Sen. Smart Adeyemi? Is this another ploy to make the Governor manipulate the process to confer unfair advantage on the same person? If yes, falling for the ploy is a sure route to another humbling loss for the Senator and humiliating defeat for APC come 2019 as far as the senate seat of Kogi West is concerned.

Kogi West is a reservoir of highly cerebral, focused, committed and experienced people and not in any way short of capable individuals to represent the people in the Red Chambers of the National Assembly. Trying to portray otherwise is the stuff falsehood is carved from.

The author is exhibiting traits he advised the Governor to be wary of such as primitive and deluded assertion wrapped in precipitated prejudice.

If a man has been tested and feels he has justified his mandate in previous stints in office, seeking for undue advantage over other aspirants in a subservient and patronizing manner is really unnecessary.

For equity and fairness, the clamor by Yagba Federal Constituency to be in the Senate should be favorably considered by all well meaning West Kogites. If power shift or rotation was vigorously canvassed at the State level, it is hypocritical to do the reverse at the Senatorial district level.

Merely pointing out the failed attempts of certain individuals in the past against the rotation arrangement does not in any way invalidate it or wish it to extinction. It is open knowledge that even within the State Constituents and House of Representatives the rotation arrangement is deeply entrenched in Kogi West but one can excuse the hilarious arrogance display of ignorance by the author; feigned or real.

For the purpose of this rejoinder, even in the unlikely scenario of Yagba Federal Constituency ceding the Senate seat again through lack of foresight and disunity, the appropriate and suitable aspirant of choice is definitely not Senator Smart Adeyemi for several verifiable reasons I intend to extensively discuss as soon as he officially declares the commencement of another futile attempt to return to the Senate.

For someone who likened his constituents to chicken that needs only to be thrown corn to get their votes; for a senator whose eight years is seen by the majority as the wasted wasteful years of locust and cankerworm, any thought of a return is inconceivable by any well meaning West Kogite because it will be an affliction we cannot afford a third time.

Though both are endowed with tails, nobody should dare call a dog a monkey to us. Our people are wiser than they were in 2015 and we can discern that the ablution of the cat is nothing but a trick to pilfer the meat in our soup pot.

Every dry cleaning of a rag is moronic.When the time comes, West Kogites will vote who they want.We have shown the capacity to take decisions for our collective good and an encore is feasible if there is any attempt to foist anyone on us.

Apostle Olalekan Aiyenigba
A Senior Advocate of Equity.