Prof. Mahmood has proven that his appointment was based on Merit – CCDG

The attention of the citizens Centre for Democratic Governance has been drawn to the statement credited to the “Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum” where the group demanded the removal of Prof.

Mahmood Yakubu as the INEC Chairman, because they suspect that INEC might rig the 2019 elections in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari. While it is a good idea for individuals or groups to articulate and make their opinion public, it is better if the opinion that is made public contains prove.

Hence, observing that “The relationship between the powerful Amina Zakari and the INEC chairman is so strong that it has the tendency to influence the outcome of the elections in favour of the appointee” is a mere insinuation that holds no water, thus, makes up no concrete reason to call for his removal.

It should be noted here, that the appointment of Prof. Mahmood Yakubu as the INEC chairman was not based on any form of ethnic or tribal affiliations, but on only competence and good track record.

Therefore, stating that his appointment was a product of Nepotism proves that members of the “Southern Middle Belt Leaders Forum” are in themselves tribal bigots, who will make appointments to such a sensitive position based on tribal sentiment rather than merit.

After the appointment of Prof. Mahmood Yakubu in 2015, INEC has continued to thrive under his leadership. For instance, evidences of his success and unbiased nature, reflects in the Ondo, Edo and Anambra State Gubernatorial elections which turned out free and fair with little or no litigation to contest the outcome.

At the moment, voters registration is in progress; creation of polling units is also been attended and the list is endless. In fact, the former INEC Boss who has been hailed for the success of the 2015 elections applauded the new INEC over new initiatives.

Honestly, if the success that Prof. Mahmood Yakubu has made already does not impress you, please what exactly will impress you?

Anthony Osagbemi

Coordinator CCDG Nigeria.