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An Ogugu boy in Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State who escaped being burnt to death by armed robbers to kill his evidence against them has thanked Edward Onoja for saving his life.

But Onoja, the Chief of Staff to the Kogi State Governor said the robbers’ victim is being treated from a special fund that was earmarked by the Kogi State Government to take of similar cases.

Chief Edward Onoja with the boy in Abuja

However, the Twelve-year-old Ojonugwa who is recovering at the Nizamiya Hospital in Abuja, said that the second degree burn that was inflicted on him by the callous village robbers would have taken his life if not for the prompt intervention of Onoja.

The young Ojonugwa said “the pains from the burn were too excruciating and unbearable. If the Chief of Staff had not sent his boys to take me to this hospital the time they did, I would have died.”

The Ogugu born boy who recounted his ordeal in the hands of the men of the underworld told our correspondent from his hospital bed that he escaped by the miracle of God.

“They thought I was dead, and they ran away from the scene of the incident. In pains I managed to climb into a drum of water that was close by and the fire on my body was quenched. That was why I did not get burnt to death,” he explained.

He said Onoja was God’s sent, adding that “if not for a kind-hearted man like Onoja, I would have been left in the village to rot away, because my parents do not have the money to foot the bill of the medication I am receiving here.”

He narrated further that his sin against the merciless robbers was that he knew them and had evidence that they stole a phone from a house in Ogugu town.

Responding further, the Chief of Staff reiterated that the hospital bill of Ojonugwa was actually footed by the Kogi State Government through a special funds that was set up to cater for the poor at the inception of Governor Bello’s administration in 2016.

Onoja who spoke with our correspondent on phone said “the Poor and the Vulnerable Support Funds, through which over 200 indigent persons in the State have been assisted in various ways was used for the treatment of Ojonugwa.

“The funds have been used to treat poor people with critical ailments like renal disease, heart problems, and similar cases in both home and abroad.”

He said when the news of Ojonugwa broke out; the Kogi State Governor ordered that he should be transferred to the hospital where he is currently receiving medication for proper care

Ojonugwa’s case, InsideStory learnt, was reported to the Chief of Staff who swung into action to save the little boy’s life by a member of the Ogugu community about five weeks ago.

A witness who corroborated Ojonugwa’s narration decried that the story of the 12-Year-old boy was a clear case of man’s inhumanity to man, saying that “I was touched on how inhuman people have become. They could go to the extent of killing a promising teenager just to cover up their evils.

“He knows the criminals who stole the phone and for the fear of testifying against them, they grabbed the innocent boy, rode him on their motorcycle to a distant place, drop the boy, asked him to lie flat and cover his eyes, the poor boy obliged, and the three village robbers drew gasoline from their motorcycle, poured on Ojonugwa and lit him up just to kill the evidence.

“Ojonugwa then dragged himself and dived into a drum of water after the assailants thought it was the end for him and abandoned him.”