OPINION: Altruism Above Egoism; Hallmark Of A Good Leader-The Asiwaju Amazing Tale

Asiru Idris, Commissioner for Finance, Kogi State


Unarguably,alluding to the common saying that an inborn ethical value cum sound leadership far transcend beyond attributes imbibed in the process of leading or via experience can’t be a misnomer.  Certainly,There is always a wide gap with distinguishing difference that panders on the expectation and hope of the followers.

Born leaders understands, knowledgeable and act always with the intrinsic believe that altruism is the only antidote to prevalent egoism style of leadership that has pervaded the political space,accompany  with it attendant awful consequences and stifling of our nascent democracy. if indeed, our growing democracy is to be sustained and thickened,its fundamentally  pertinent to seek and canvass for leadership that’s people-centred and never a recalcitrant to the lay down democratic principles.

From genesis,when his bosom friend, loving brother and now a purposeful principal; Gov Yahaya Adoza Bello bestowed a tripartite responsibility on him as S.A finance,investment,commerce and industry, to when it metamorphos to a commissioner cadre manning the Finance Ministry; ASIWAJU IDRIS ASIRU had and still showing that if perfection seem impossible,then excellence is the next point of call. He exhibited excellence discharging his duty,without losing sight of the GYB vision of etching a New Direction towards repositioning Kogi state to an enviable height with enormous opportunities for kogites to explore and harness.

Unknown to many, that his “character” had been clinically vetted and validated by the Governor through his action and in-actions during the turbulent political journey and even before then,again,Asiwaju’s “capacity” is a long age known fact in their higher institution days,further justified as a fine and savvy bank manager,which makes his competence on the political space and all assigned duty not-surprising, but laudable and evidently magnificent. Good attract Good and always breaking barriers.

Am awe-strucked by his fabulous and phenomenal style of leadership,where selflessness is seen naked and genuine,as people had always been at the vantage position without any kind of prejudice. He’s more of a statesman,than the prevalent selfish interest,because of his rare attribute of accessibility which comes with prompt responsiveness to ALL regardless of inclination.

A leader that chooses to put smile on people’s face even when it takes him to frown, would prefer to go hungry just for his people to be fed, so accommodating without bias, he chooses to sacrifice his comfort for people to be comfortable,a rabbi that seamlessly settles for less just for his people to have more,he has been a strident voice to the voiceless, a reliable help to the helpless,maintain sleeplessness to deliver on good governance, a listening leader of note, an amazing inspiration to emerging leaders, always at the forefront of people’s welfare and well-being. He believes responsible governance should restore hope and confidence of the masses in the government and her agenda that would bring about a lasting solution to their plight and yearning. its a school of thought rare in the political sphere. What differentiates him,is his Genuine love for the/his people.

Without dwelling in vain glorification, ASIWAJU surpasses just a financial guru, an accomplished banker, an avowed exemplary leader that he’s, but most especially he’s a “Divine Lieutenant” in the New Direction Movement. His intellectual sagacity is unbridled, his commitment to the New Direction mandate is robust and  an epic GYB loyalist that stands unshakeable amidst all odds.

Often time,had he asserted that under the captainship of GYB and the New Direction mechanism, Kogi state would not only be salvaged from her demonic abductors and set of milkers,but would be steered to the shores of unprecedented pedestal where the resources of Kogites would work for kogites in contrary to the gory practice of wanton heisting of the state commonwealth in the past.

It’s business unusual in Kogi state- ASIWAJU ;an apostle of true democratic norm is on the field working tirelessly for the realisation of the New Direction Agenda.

Asiwaju cares because he had shown he’s a born leader that place premium on showing interest in peoples welfare and growth rather than configuring the people towards actualizing self-aggrandizement against acceptable norms.

When it’s New Direction,its definitely a path to progressiveness.

Asiwajucares…..All by the Grace of God

Asiwajuism…..An ideology  of New Direction