Urgent need for National Prayers for Dino Melaye !!!


How else can One Put it, No  known work experience, An undeserving Accidental Politician ala Motor Park Tout. A Pseudo Activist living a life style way way above his real income. Someone who display what’s meant for moving man from one place to another right into his living room. 

Dino Melaye

How on earth can one be living in so much with his village in real shame and poverty. Yet he claims to know Christ? It’s clear there is a deep moral gap, value for humanity and a glutonic appetite with some poverty mentality. If not who in this time and age uses their Names on plate numbers of their Vehicle, wannabe mentality. 

In this  Era of change some persons will be rebranding National Cake sharing syndrome with Elephant Sharing. What a shame.My Yoruba brothers would say “Oma se o”. 

Do we talk about the brand of fighting in Public ? Is it the Public disgrace and shame of fighting in Public especially with the female gender never male ? Or the dog-like  nature of wanting to pregnant anything female, animals inclusive.The absolute disregard for the Elderly . 

Any surprise there is absolute failure on the home front. I think this fellow needs not just prayers from friends and family but a National one at that. In the realm of the spirit it’s called the “Vagabond Spirit”. 

Tosin Jide