It so disappointing that a supposed legal guru in person and caliber of Wole Olanipekun (SAN), could ebb to the lowest level of professional incompetence by spewing baseless and sentimental errors as submission.! Sincerely speaking, there is a need for verification and authentication of his credentials.

Hear what a presumed Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Wole Olanipeku said:

(1) “What INEC did in Kogi State on the 22nd November 2015, by substituting a stranger (Yahaya Bello) for a substantive candidate (Faleke) in an an election that is already concluded is a coup against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – Wole Olanipeku SAN

Did the umpire (INEC), declare the election as “inconclusive” before or after the death of Prince Abubakar Audu was announced, that would warrant the running mate of Prince Audu (Falake) claim victory and be declared dinner?

(2) “This is the first time in the history of democracy that a candidate will be cleared to contest in an election without a deputy” – Wole Olanipekun SAN

There are procedures for withdrawing as a deputy governor, these procedures where not properly followed by Faleke, hence, a CERTIFICATE WAS ISSUED BY INEC. simply put, Faleke was the deputy governor even until and after the swearing in.

3) “INEC simply Coronated some one ( Yahaya Bello) a Governor in an election where he had no interest ” Wole Olanipeku

It was his own client (Faleke) that coronated the son of Audu into becoming his running mate,. He forgot political offices are not hereditary, they are not monarchical but democratic. However, AYB was duly selected, having satisfied requirements of being the next in line to prosecute the remaining election, i.e participating in primaries, coming second position

4) Our petition had not been in anyway objected to or contested by the respondents in this case” – Wole Olanipeku

and so what? people do not dissipate energies objecting or contesting their cases because their case would amount to exercise in futility.

I also read from somewhere Faleke saying Yahaya Bello scored only 6,885 votes at the supplementary election held on December 5, far less than the 240,867 votes he (Faleke????) and Audu got on November 21. If I may ask, who voted for Faleke? Did he contest in the primary elections that brought in Audu?

This is the scenario. There was a party before Faleke. A political party called APC that wants to capture power in Kogi state. Since party is a platform and not a human being, somebody needs to stand on the platform to represent the party. The party went into primary elections to determine who will represent it against persons from other parties. It was keenly contested by Prince Audu and others, was Faleke among the contestants? In fact, at that moment, he may not have known he would be picked to complement the final party to represent the party. And when Prince Abubakar Audu won party elections, the next question was, who will deputies him. Note he had already he had won alone. So please tell me how it is a joint ticket. How many votes did Faleke score at the primaries? How many did he score during the election? Was he voted for during the supplementary? Was APC the person who ordered a supplementary election?

It is understandable that Olanipeku is making all these intentional fallacies so as to justify the millions of Naira he got from Faleke , but we owe it a responsibility to educate the masses on what is obtainable and what to expect.

YAHAYA BELLO all the way to NEW DIRECTION >>>>>>>>



Opinion By
Umar Mohammed
Abuja, FCT