What could be summed up to be the reasons and premise for the erstwhile speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Hon Momoh Jimoh and his co- dreamers, to have the audacity and effrontery to call on His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello to come forward, not even in the hallowed chambers of the state House of Assembly, because they do not have the locus standing to do that there but in a kangaroo assembly in Abuja and to explain his rationale behind the 30 days compulsory leave a simple Administrative directive of permanent secretaries of the Kogi state civil service? Could it be adduced to being high on certain substances, possible weed or Ijebu Champaign? Wonders they say, shall never end! It is preposterous and bemusing. 

It is so funny and coincidental, that after the inauguration of Alhaji Yahaya Bello, these legislatures woke up from their protracted hibernating slumber and discovered they have a responsibility to the people of Kogi State, after ruining the state with their actions and inactions, giving the previous Executives license to misfire at will, cheating and stealing from the good people of Kogi state and literarily ushering in poverty, whereas they live in affluence and opulence. It breaks the heart when you visit the dustbins of these men, remnants therein can feed family, and even the hardest of hearts will weep for Kogi people. 

It is an open secret that these members of the Kogi State house of assembly, who are crying fowl, discovered that, it is not going to be business as usual under the new administration, having had their consciences sealed up, there faces blind folded and their ears gagged with gifts from the past government and even when the cry of the people reached the high heavens, it is a case of, see no evil, feel no evil and hear no evil. They now ganged up in a bid to fight back by protecting their interests. All the while, few progressives in the house are totally saddened but of cause, they couldn’t do anything to rescue the situation, until now!

Permit me to ask these, where were they when the State civil servants are being owed a month, two, three and four month’s salaries consecutively? What efforts did they put in place, what moves did they make to salvage the situation and assuage the hardship the civil servants were subjected to? Of cause, none! Because they always have their own salaries, allowances, kick backs and kick fronts from government paid, as at when due!

Where were they when Local Government staffs were owed salaries that accrued into chains of countless months? Oh I forgot, they were always busy with Chairmen of various local governments at Satoof hotel, who come every month to give them their share of the bounty, such that, they keep sealed lips.

Where were they, when teachers of our primaries and secondary schools stayed home for only God knows how long on strike? Many children have had their destinies shattered and destroyed for the selfish actions of these retrogressive legislatures, while their wards attend the best of private schools within and outside the state, where were they? I weep for my state but it is my prayer that God will visit all the enemies of Kogi State soonest. 

The permanent secretaries in question were not suspended, it is only unlettered and mischievous men that would read that press release and still use the word “sacked”. They were to go on a 30 days compulsory leave a simple Administrative directive to enable the State government carry out a hitch free validation exercise of the Kogi State civil service and thereafter, they resume back to their duty post. Very straight forward act without any form of ambiguity, it is rather unfortunate that it was twisted; sold to gullible minds as “sack” and they swallowed it hock line and sinker without cross referencing facts. 


 Let it be known loud and clear that, there is a new sheriff in town, with a zero tolerance to corruption as he stated in his inaugural speech “this administration will have zero tolerance to corruption” it is a new dawn in Kogi state with the people’s governor on the steering. The earlier these dissenting voices understands this and fit in place the better it would be for everyone. His Excellency is ready to work with all and that is why he also stated in his inaugural speech the “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody‘s” quote of President Mohammadu Buhari. He is detribalized and ready to work with whomever, irrespective of tribe and religion. He is set to transform Kogi State to an enviable height.