Three (3) Possible replacement for Abubakar Audu


The APC seems to be on the march again as three possible candidates have been selected to slug it out in the party’s forthcoming primaries in Kogi state to replace the late Abubakar Audu who passed away while leading in the gubernatorial polls.

The candidates being considered are:

  • Yahaya Bello
  • James Ocholi
  • Abiodun Faleke

While Faleke is the late Audu’s running mate who would have automatically become the governor if the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC had not declared last Saturday’s governorship poll inconclusive, Yahaya and Ocholi were aspirants in the August governorship primary of the APC. Yahaya came second to Audu in the keenly contested primary election.

James Enojo Ocholi remains President Muhammadu Buhari’s Minister of State for Labour & Employment and its not clear if he will be dumping his current political appointment for the governorship race.

One of these three persons would most likely win the primaries. but the most likely of the lot is Faleke, who worked assiduously with the late political sage of Kogi politics relentlessly, even when others backed out. So it would be a form of compensation for his steadfast and hard work, but the issue at hand is not of compensation but legal.

 However, the man that would eventually carry the day will be Yahaya Bello based on default, who was the runner up in the APC primary elections and since Prince Abubakar Audu died before all results came in, somebody has to continue the race and the most qualified is he man who came second to him during the primaries, Yahaya Bello.

Lets keep our fingers crossed as event would unfold with the speed of lightning in few weeks to come. Bello will take it

Williams Charles Oluwatoyin
Writes from Lokoja